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In conjunction with our recruiting practice, we discovered that many very qualified people have a tough time articulating and positioning their achievements.

Their troubles range from writers block to getting "Tongue-tied" during interviews, meetings...and can't think of words they normally use. Its embarrassing but we can help.

We developed the means to help great people to be far more confident at interviewing and advocating for themselves so they can reach their goals with confidence.

Articulating and communicating your abilities does not come naturally for many people, so we developed a professional coaching process that makes a real difference.

We help along the value chain from resume to social media profiles to interview prep and compensation negotiations.

We have helped 100’s of people achieve their goals; they just need a little bit of coaching.  

The sort of skill sets we help are:

1.  Consultants who implement reporting software like: Oracle EPM, Hyperion, OneStream, ERP products, Microsoft SSAS / PowerBI skills.

2.  Financial systems administrators of all levels for: Oracle EPM, Hyperion, OneStream, Workiva, Microsoft SSAS / PowerBI skills and ERP products.

3.  SEC and External reporting skillsets, especially those who have Workiva experience.

4.  Business Intelligence and Analytics staff, all levels.

5.  Finance / Accounting teams from bookkeepers up to CFO level staff.

Career Coaching Packages for: Financial Systems, Software / Consulting Sales, Software Implementation Professionals, Accounting / Finance and SEC, Controllers.

Accelerate your career

What we can do for YOU

  • Inventory Your Skills – Our career analysis process will better identify your accomplishments, and skills so we can define your career path and showcase your marketability and readiness for the job you want versus what’s available to you.

  • Get a Strategy, Refine Your Image – Learn how to change perceptions and get noticed for your ideal job though an effective strategy that gets results.

  • Renovate / Refine Your LinkedIn Profile – We show you how to leverage LinkedIn’s search algorithm to help the job to find you instead of you chasing jobs. We increase your chances at getting noticed by recruiters, your network, and hiring managers.

  • Get Your Resume Reviewed, Repaired and Refined – Access to 21+ years of resume guidance with an active Lead Recruiter.

  • Learn Effective Job Search Strategies That Work – NEVER just apply to a job online, and wonder why you got ghosted. Unlock the real job market and get the skills to circumvent poorly designed Applicant Tracking Systems, and online applications.

  • Mock Interview Prep – We help you create and dial in your elevator pitch, and manage how you present yourself during interviews. We help you ask insightful meaning questions that show you know what you are doing and are a person who can make a difference. We also teach you how to better control the interview so you can present your case, instead of helping an inexperienced recruiter to fill out a form.

  • Get an Accountability Partner & Career Guide – Via Phone | Email | Text | when you need it

  • Get one-on-one advisory sessions – Schedule at-will.

  • Get on going support – For as long as you need it. Cancel anytime after the first 8 weeks. Keep the momentum going for a low monthly fee.


– Resume Templates

– LinkedIn Profile Examples

– Cover Letter / Letter of Intent Guide

– Job Search Guide

– Job Search Tracker

– Interview Prep Guide

– One-on-One Mock Interviews

– LinkedIn Must Have Tools Guide

Price Ranges By Level of Need

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