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CPA Firm Growth and Client Retention

There was a time when adding outsourced accounting support for tools like QuickBooks could help you both retain clients and grow. That time is over.

The opposite is your current reality! They are competing with you every day.

On top of that you are probably still billing by the hour…Nobody gets rich billing by the hour!

Better to bill flat rates for services and sprinkle in hourly billing for high margin work like advisory and tax work.

In the last year or so QuickBooks has become your competition! Just look on their website, they provide advisors, accountants…right on their website.

So, in simple terms, QuickBooks is offering plenty of very good CPAs in smaller cities & towns access to your client base who want to save some money. The truth is that these less expensive accountants are just as good as you but have lower cost structures than you, so your clients have options.

The faster you realize that you are very easy to replace the better, so we can help you adapt to realities of a successful CPA firm model. We can help you avoid a race to the bottom on rates, and lock in your clients so you are a landlord instead of the “Fungible Service”, you are today.

In our model any account you put on the Ayudatek financial & operational software platform, stays your account and you get paid on it for as long as they are a paying customer to Ayudatek. That is how you become a landlord instead of cheap labor.

On top of that we can layer in “On Demand Analytics” for your clients so that they can better compete in a Global market-place and you can earn even more fees by providing expertise you do not have but clients need.

Being a great CPA is not good enough. Your clients service needs go way beyond what you can provide, and they are actively looking at options to you. We can help you keep your existing clients and grow.

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We provide services that help our clients drive profitability and automate workflows by putting data to work and leveraging the software & process that companies already own.


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