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Oracle EPM + Workiva = ESG reporting costs cut in half

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Areas where reporting software can be applied but for some crazy reason usually is not?

August 08, 20232 min read

Just because your current reporting tool takes feeds from the general ledger does not mean your analytic platform is limited to that system. You can use software utilities to make a major impact on
other work streams that will get you the recognition you need to get promoted and better paid. If it does not, then you have a great story for the next company what will hire you.

Your techno / financial skill set is worth much more than a common accountant. You have a level of mobility they cannot ever match, so remember that.

Supply Chain / Operations – Supply chain and operations usually have more Key Performance Indicator (KPI) opportunities than the corporate HQ because of the detail level needed to run these
properly. There are massive opportunities for reporting and dashboards in these underserved areas.
Somebody must lead the charge and get promoted, that somebody can easily be you.

HR / Payroll – There is a ton of manual reporting and reconciliation work that happens here. Payroll is often the highest cost as a percentage, of revenue compared to any other expense. So, if you can make it more efficient, you get promoted, or a raise or at least have a great story for your next job.

Treasury / Foreign Exchange – Depending on the company, treasury and FX is a complicated mess when it comes to reconciliations, which can be automated with separate tools that compliment your current systems stack.

Sales Ops. – There is an unending need for reporting and analytics in this group.

Just so you know, the chances at a better bonus come if your boss is the VP of Sales instead of the Controller. The VP of Sales has more power when it comes to money because the CEO likes the VP of Sales a lot more than the Controller!

There is a different mindset with the sales team, it’s a happy place for those who support that group.

Their outings for team building at usually at expensive fun places, the dinners are fancier, they are way better at paying people…and the sales team will really appreciate you for the wizard you are. I know this from experience.

If I can be a resource to you or help you get software or services projects funded, do not hesitate to
contact me.

About Jim Burke

Financial Systems Automation and Back Office / Operational Cost Containment Leader, leveraging software tools and best practices to drive margin improvement for clients that do not have money nor time
to waste.

Contact: jburke@answer-factory.com  Office 609 750 8887

Jim Burke

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