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Supply Chain & Operations Reporting

Too many supply chain, operations and procurement team members know they are not maximizing the efficiency of their supply chain because they just cannot SEE the data and its relationships at a level to make sense of it.

They have struggled for decades by trying to do this with Excel, email and databases that were too expensive to maintain. This mighty effort was met with marginal success and even more frustration.

Most people live with this because good reporting, until recently, cost too much.

That is not the case anymore and the suffering can end quickly.

Ayudatek has the means to do supply chain reporting at a custom level and at a price point that is lower than Excel, Email & Access!

We have a process to achieve those goals that we look forward to sharing with you.

Please contact us and we can do that.

In the meantime, have a look at some samples of the dashboards that provide instant understanding VS making Users overwhelmed.

We have put in place “Applets” that we created to accelerate time to value VS a custom build. It adds up to cost savings and insights we have developed over the years.

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We provide services that help our clients drive profitability and automate workflows by putting data to work and leveraging the software & process that companies already own.


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